Playing Hide and Seek with a Shy Volcano: A Mt. Mayon Adventure

Speed boat ride back to Legazpi City

Speed boat ride

Following our idyllic stay at Misibis Bay, it was time for a more active adventure and the meet the volcano, Mt. Mayon.  Our adventure started with our upgraded speed boat ride back to Legazpi City, followed by land transportation to our next hotel, The Oriental Legazpi.  The boat ride was rough and we couldn’t avoid getting wet.  We were provided with towels and I lovingly covered my LV bag and held on to dear life as we sped across the open sea.  This was where we had our first good glimpse of the elusive Mt. Mayon.

Deluxe Mountain Twin Room

Deluxe Mountain Twin Room

Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised with the hotel’s facilities and ambience.  For its 3-star hotel price, the Oriental Legazpi has the feel of a 4-star hotel; no, not 5 stars since it did not have that “luxury” feel.  But it has the best view of Mt. Mayon.  Our luck followed us even here, as we were granted our request for a mountain view (effectively an upgrade from our reserved room).

We were greeted with a perfect view of Mt. Mayon.  This was going to be our best view of the volcano as the next two days, Mt. Mayon was hiding behind the clouds.

It was just unfortunate that the infinity pool was closed on our first day due to maintenance activities.

The ATV Adventure

My hubby booked an ATV tour with Your Brother upon the recommendation of some colleagues.  When traveling, I usually research about the places we plan to visit and develop the itinerary.  This time, my hubby made all the arrangements and I didn’t bother to know what specific activities were in store for us.  That was mistake number one.  Mistake number two:  I decided to wear comfy slippers since I knew we were going to cross some streams and get wet.  I did not know that we were going to climb a rocky hill to get a great view of the volcano.  My boy scout hubby, of course, wore all-terrain shoes.  Nevertheless, we managed pretty well, my daughter and I.

Cagsaua Ruins:  Pictorial Session with a Skilled Photographer

After our exhilarating trip to Mt. Mayon, my hubby asked our tour guide if he can bring us to Cagsaua ruins instead of dropping us at our hotel.  Further along the conversation, the tour guide agreed to wait for us while we take a few photos and to bring us back to the hotel afterwards (++extra fees).  A guide approached us as we were taking photos, offering her services and showcasing her work, a gallery of trick shots.  We finally decided to accept her services and it was well worth the tip that was expected.

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