My Journey to Wellness

Following the birth of my second child, it has been a struggle for me to lose the weight I have gained.  While I have lost most of it in baby KB’s first year (thanks to breastfeeding and moderate exercises), by the time KB was 2, I still had 20+ more pounds to go before I regained my pre-pregnancy weight.  I managed to lose a couple more pounds a few months following her 2nd birthday but after that I was going nowhere.

wellness02After my first child in 2001, I was able to shed off the weight through badminton.  No change in diet, just pure exercise.  I love my food and I could never give up eating whatever I liked.  It appeared, however, that after a decade, this recipe no longer works for me.  And as my responsibilities at work and home grew over the years, I found that playing badminton a few times a week for up to an hour each session no longer contributes to building my skills as a player (I was really competitive).  So, badminton was not an option anymore.  How was I going to lose all those remaining pounds and fit into my old clothes again?

I considered going back to running.  Back in 2010, I fell in love with running.  That was in Reading, UK, where I was taking up my masters in capital markets, compliance and regulation.  I started training for the half marathon.  I have never felt fitter in my life.  Then I got pregnant with KB…my training was deferred.

So I thought, what better way to lose the weight with running?  But I felt that my knees might not be able to withstand the harsh pounding from running.  So I decided to go back to yoga.  With the help of videos, youtube and other online resources, I restarted my yoga practice.  While practicing yoga increased my flexibility and strength (not to mention incredibly reducing stress levels), alas, I discovered I was not losing weight.  😦

I knew then that I had to combine cardio, yoga and strength training plus reduce calorie intake if I wanted to succeed.  By January 2013, my new year’s resolution was to lose 20 pounds in six months, even targeting below my usual “normal” weight.  What began as a weight-loss journey, however, turned into a journey to overall wellness as I discovered the importance of a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.


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