Pregnancy Weight Gain: Being Mindful with My Diet

Carrying my third child has been very challenging for me so far.  During the first trimester, I was ordered bed rest initially for two weeks.  When I thought the risk of miscarriage has passed, two more episodes of spotting sent me to bed rest on and off until the end of the first trimester.  It was particularly difficult for me since I had to stop my yoga asana practice altogether.  Further, the hormonal imbalance made me susceptible to emotional distress.  With the fear of losing my baby, I was very stressed indeed.

Of course, this led me to mindless eating.  I indulged in all my favorite junk food:  potato chips, cheeseburgers, chocolate cakes.  I also indulged in spicy seafood, sour green mangoes, tamarind soup and all things salty.

I am now starting my 3rd trimester, feeling stronger due to the daily prenatal yoga practice I resumed in my 2nd trimester.  Unfortunately, I was really not mindful with what I ate, even during the second trimester, still indulging in eating whatever I want, with the excuse that I am now eating for two.

The guidelines for pregnancy weight gain indicates the if pre-pregnancy weight was in the healthy range with normal body mass index (BMI), I should gain between 25 and 35 pounds.  Sadly, I have already gained the 35 maximum range and  I am just starting my third trimester!

I need to start being mindful with what I eat and continue with my daily prenatal yoga practice.  Otherwise, I will have a difficult battle with losing all those weight!  After my second pregnancy, it took me more than two years to get my pre-pregnancy form back.  And it has been an exercise of strong will, grit, discipline and determination to follow the rigid exercise routines and healthy diet.  In fact, it was that weight loss journey that prompted me to start this blog!

Here’s to sticking to my resolution for the next three months so I can have a safe and healthy delivery.  I am looking forward to meeting my new bundle of joy.  In addition to healthy and mindful eating to get my figure back, I also look forward in pursuing my personal advocacy:   breastfeeding.  With the demands of work and family, it will indeed be a tough balancing act.


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