My Love-Hate Relationship with Hip Openers

When I started my regular yoga practice two years ago, my hips were so stiff that I was wondering how my classmates could easily cross their ankle against the opposite leg, bend forward and squat. I could hardly cross the my ankle, let alone bend forward or squat!  Today, I tried the flying pigeon in my home practice.  My hips are still fairly inflexible, but it has gone a long way from where I started.

Of course, my version of the flying pigeon is more of a falling pigeon as I still have to work on my core and arm strength to lift off and balance.

Hip openers are my nemesis but I persisted in practicing them because I know I need them the most.  Yin yoga has greatly helped me in this journey.  Below are some videos from Ekhart Yoga featuring some of my favorite (and hated!) hip opening poses:

Believe me, if you’re like me, these poses are simply torture.  It takes a lot of concentration and effort to be able to keep still and relax.  But all those hard work is slowly paying off and the release is simply indescribable.  Try it!

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