Discovering Malaysia’s Religious Heritage

Forever grateful for so many wonderful opportunities to discover new places.

Travel Tales of a Yogini

My first time to visit Malaysia.  Finally.  For this trip, I decided to take a private tour (lately, I have been too lazy to commute my way to well-known landmarks).  I found this private tour service in tripadvisor with very good reviews.  Pricey, yes.  But still worth it considering I’m a solo traveller and I need someone to take my photos.  I took Anuar’s Kuala Lumpur City Tour for First Time Tourist that includes Pratujaya and Batu Caves.

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy and has deep multi-cultural roots that remain in spite of strong influence of British colonization.  For this trip, I decided to learn more about the country’s religious heritage.  Anuar’s tour is nice because it provided me an opportunity to visit a Malay Muslim mosque, a Chinese Buddhist temple, and Indian Hindu temple.

Malaysia is a multi-religious society and the Malaysian constitution guarantees freedom of religion.  Nevertheless, Islam is…

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