Sitting Can Kill You: Tips on Reducing Sitting

Modern living has indeed reduced us to sitting most of our lives.  Further, poor sitting habits accumulate tension in the body, leading to tight hips, bad posture, and weak spine. I have been reading a lot of articles talking about research showing how sitting is killing us.  And how even an hour a day at the gym cannot undo the damage of sitting all day long.  This, in particular, bothers me since I have always thought that my regular work-outs are enough to combat the ill-effects of sitting the whole day at the office. 

Here are some simple tips on how to reduce sitting.

  1. Try to walk around the office every hour.    Take mini breaks.  Walk down the hall, say hello to that girl at end of the hallway, and come back to your desk.  Personally, I drink lots of water so that I have to walk down the hall to fill my jug.  A natural consequence, of course, is more frequent visits to  the restrooms, also down the hall.  My attention span is short, anyway, so I normally cannot read documents for a whole hour straight.  My brain and eyes need to rest.  Of course, the situation is different if your job calls you to be in your workstation at all times (e.g. teller, call center agents) .  But surely, there must be a company policy should allow you to go to the restroom once in a while.
  2. Don’t eat lunch on your desk.  Go out. 
  3. Stand in public transportation (except in pedicabs, jeepneys, tricycles).  Well, if you commute using the LRT or MRT during rush hour, you don’t really have a choice. 
  4. Don’t use your wheely chair when getting something across the room.  Stand up and WALK!


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