Cultivating Awareness through Yin


For the past four days, I have been bringing this big bolster onto my mat whenever I get props for our yin yoga immersion.  Just in case Dona might decide to squeeze in a full saddle pose into the practice.  Based on experience, I can never go down into the full pose without sitting on a block and lying down on a bolster (a big one!).


bolster2True enough, on day 4, Dona asked us to do and stay in this excruciating pose.  Automatically, I reached for the big bolster but paused, listening to my body.  Applying our theme of cultivating awareness, I felt my body feel open.  So I looked at the smaller bolster, and said, “Why not?”.  And voila!  I was not only able to go into the pose, I was able to sustain it without feeling pain in the knees!  And I actually was able to relax in the pose, as is intended in yin.

This continuing journey of cultivating awareness means focusing on the present moment and not letting past experiences hold us back from discovering new things.

Be curious.  Explore.  Discover.



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