Why You Should Take Kids Yoga Teacher Training


welcome packI never contemplated taking kids yoga teacher training.  Except with my daughters, I’m not particularly good with kids.  Kids are noisy.  They cry,  spill things.  They can be unruly.  And generally can drive you crazy.  I’m not naturally outgoing.  Being cheerful takes a tremendous amount of effort.  Perhaps precisely because of these, I took the plunge and enrolled in the 3-day intensive Rainbow Kids Yoga (RKY) Teacher Training.  They do say in yoga that the pose you loathe is probably the pose your body needs the most.

So, why teacher training?  Here are some of the reasons why you may consider enrolling in a kids yoga teacher training program:

1.  It will help you develop a career in teaching kids yoga.  Of course.  It’s a teacher training so you probably want to start a career in teaching kids yoga, or supplement your current teaching career.    Teacher training will help you achieve this.  Specifically, the RKY alternates between experiential kids yoga classes with practical theory and discussions.  taking notesThis includes learning over 350 yoga poses for kids, yoga games, breathing, meditation, relaxation, basic acroyoga, and more.  Lecture topics include age-appropriate class sequencing, class management, and even the business of yoga teaching!  If you are already teaching kids, applying yoga games and poses is a great complement to your existing curriculum.



2.  It’s super FUN!  Taking the program is guaranteed 3 days of pure fun, fun, fun!  I had never had so much fun in such a long time!  As adults, we tend to be too serious.  I’ve been too serious with my work, mommy responsibilities, and even in my own yoga journey.  With RKY, everything is about being HAPPY!  And a great way to be happy is to have FUN!  What’s great about RKY is that the approach is practical and mostly experiential.  The best way to spread the fun is to experience it first hand.  So from day 1 to day 3, we experienced different types of classes for different age groups and shared lots of laughs in between.

3.  It gives you an opportunity to make new friends!  Lei is one amazing teacher and it is really inspiring to see her passion for teaching kids (including us!) and how she applies the principles of yoga in a simple and practical way.  My classmates in the program came from different walks of life and it was really nice to socialize and learn from one another.  Through social networking, we are able to remain connected and hopefully, our paths will cross again in the future.

4.  It equips you to create opportunities to bond with your family.  Personally, this is what pushed me to finally enroll.  In my article Top 3 Reasons to Introduce Yoga to Your Kids, I enumerated the various physical and mental benefits of yoga for kids.  Most important, for busy moms like me, introducing yoga to kids provides an excellent opportunity to bond.  I tried doing this, especially with my tweens daughter but I realized that I was ill-equipped with keeping her interest in the class.  So I took the training.  And I made my first lesson plan and conducted our family yoga class after that!

I created a “Let’s Go to the Beach” class and we enjoyed it tremendously.  After warming up in human mandala, we rode the bus  going to the beach and sang “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”.  At the beach, we rode a boat (“Row, row, row, your boat”) to the sea and went underwater to explore the different sea creatures.  Funny that the little one insisted on doing the jumping frog pose.  So we had fun jumping around. The kids surfed back to the beach, we had fun playing the blowing game and finally we rested in starfish savasana.  This will definitely be a regular family bonding activity for us.  Can’t wait to plan for our next class.  I’m thinking of going to the Zoo.

Indeed, kids yoga teacher training is an invaluable tool in helping us change the world, one kid at a time.  Starting with our own.


Photo Credits:  Urban Ashram and RKY facebook pages, Bianca, Carlos and Rina on the RKY TT Manila Batch 4 facebook group




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