Day 7: Challenge Completed

Finally!  Day 7 has arrived.  By next week, I can go back to my 2-3 times a week circuit routine and concentrate on Ashtanga and Yin Yoga!  Yay.

For today’s workout, Coach Lester prepared a full body routine that works on cardio, triceps, shoulders, thighs, butt, and legs.  I had a very long day, so I wasn’t able to practice yoga (except sun salutations A and B).  I wasn’t in a particularly good mood so I wasn’t able to also document the stations like in other days.  So, here’s a picture gallery instead.


In the 3rd set, I pushed really hard and did the burpee jump squat on bench step as fast and as lightly as I could.  And also going quickly through the agility ladder after that.  Guaranteed to make that heart rate go up, up, up.  It felt really good.

After the circuit, we did core work.  2 sets each at 45 seconds each set.  We did the forearm plank, side planks, heel to heel and leg raise.  Then finally, stretch stretch.

It has been a grueling week.  Hope you had fun reading through my 7-day circuit training challenge!


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