Day 6: Sweat It Out Cardio Knockout

For the past week, the challenge has become more and more difficult as I try to maintain my yoga practice as well.  This, on top of work commitments, meetings, deadlines at work, and trying to be home early to spend more quality time with the kiddos.  By Day 6, I had too little time to squeeze in a full yoga practice, so as warm up before the circuit, I followed Kathryn Budig’s 20-minute core sequence:

Day6For Day 6, Coach Lester prepared a full body workout with 3 stations devoted to jacking up the heart rate.  Incidentally, the air condition was not working so we were guaranteed to sweat it out.  The tap on bench steps, squat jumps, and agility ladder really nailed us.

Station 1:  Tap on bench

Station 2:  Push-ups

Station 3:  Squat jumps

Station 4:  Side to side lunge with dumbbells




SI_20140828_192322Station 5:  Agility Ladder hopscotch left, right then out and in.

Station 6:  Walking lunge with twist (with kettle bell)

Station 7:  Biceps curl on bench step with knee raise

Station 8:  Squat and shoulder press




30 seconds each station, 3 circuits, with 1 or 2 minutes break in between each circuit.  By the 3rd set, We were drenched in sweat from the heat and the intense cardio workout.  Good thing my old shoes did not conk out on me this time.


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