Day 5: Abs Attack. I Surrender.

pink shoesIn today’s circuit class, Coach Lester prepared another core challenge, similar to Day 3’s routine.  I was all energized and ready to really work it out and I had my old pink shoes on.

There was a total of 8 stations.  3 circuits, 30 seconds each station.  We had limited props.  We mainly used the mats.

day 5

Station 1:  Heel Touches

Station 2:  Killer alternate leg raise on decline bench (this was really hard for me)

Station 3:  Dead lift

Station 4:  Boat pose

Station 5:  Leg raise with medicine ball

Station 6:  Forearm side plank (right)

Station 7:  Forearm side plank (left)

Station 8:  Mountain climbers with jump

pink shoes 2My shoes caved in after two rounds (as if saying “I SURRENDER!”), so I had to finish the circuit virtually barefoot.  I finished the circuit barely alive.  They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Well I definitely felt strong enough to make time in the evening to do Ashtanga.

Today was kinda Ashtanga Circuit day.   Good times.  Good vibes.  Good feeling.  Except for my poor shoes.

Two more days to complete the challenge!  Can’t wait.






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