Day 4: I Wanna Die Challenge


Today was particularly challenging.  I was recovering from stiff neck and shoulder.  The pain wasn’t so bad after my massage last night and after applying topical pain killer on the affected areas this morning.

I missed my asana practice so much after the 3-day intensive kids yoga training (more of that later) that I practiced for an hour or so during lunch break.  By afternoon, I was wilting with fatigue, going through lots of reports and paperwork that accumulated after a long weekend.

I was tempted to skip circuit, but was determined to stick to it.  Here’s a rundown of what Coach Heman had us do (sorry, no pictures and instructions!), 2 sets with 45 seconds each station:

1.  Side jump, side jump squat

2.  Burpee then lateral in and out on agility ladder

3.  Dumbbell row on stability ball

4.  Tiger pose (I don’t know what it’s called in gym lingo, but in yoga, it’s the tiger pose)

5.  Side lunge on bench step plus kettle bell swing

6.  Push up with medicine ball

7.  Plank with stability ball (with dumbbell)

8.  Walking lunge with twist (medicine ball)

As if these stations weren’t enough, we had core exercises (crunch on stability ball, jackknife, bicycle, and leg raise with stability ball) and back exercises (variations of superman).

Time to hit the sack.  Good night!

Note:  Photos are from previous challenges.



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