Day 3: Hardcore Challenge

Today’s session focused on the core again.  It was particularly challenging since I did a powerful yang practice during the lunch break…Good thing Coach Lester decided to have pity on us and just provided 30 seconds each station for the three sets (with a minute or two break in between each set).  After warming up, we were ready to go (there were only three of us because today is Friday and tomorrow starts the long weekend holiday).


For today’s hardcore galore, we used the following:

The stations of core torture:

Station 3 looks familiar!  Leg Raise with Medicine ball!




Frankly, today was very challenging.  I actually felt the blood leave my face from exhaustion.  Look how my shoes turned white.white shoes

Don’t forget to cool down and stretch after the circuit.  Consult your doctor before embarking on any new exercise program.

Special thanks to Coach Lester for preparing the circuit and demonstrating.  



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