Day 1: Total Body Workout

Today’s class was a total body work out with focus on the core – a total of 8 stations.  But since there were 12 of us, coach Heman added 4 “wait stations” to complete the circuit.

The entire session was supposed to be 3 sets/rounds, devoting 30 seconds to each station in round 1; and 45 seconds in rounds 2, and 3.  But because we ran out of time (really, we ran out of time), 2 sets/rounds were enough (pant, pant).  Warm up before the circuit is required.  Cool down and stretching after the circuit is likewise important.






Front and side raise reps.  Variation:  with leg lift.









I find station 6 the most challenging.  You couldn’t see it in the photos as I was not able to capture all the steps, but essentially it is like doing burpees with a medicine ball, plus a push up.  Engage the core!







Unfortunately, the demos were done quickly, so I wasn’t able to take proper photos.  Station 7 is biceps curl while station 8 features triceps extension.  Variation includes leg lift.





In addition to the 8 stations, the 4 “waiting” stations involve jumping jacks and knee-high run in place.  I was unfortunate to start at the end of the waiting stations, so I had to do the cardio running in 4 successive stations.

We capped the session with crunches on the stability ball and another core exercise on the mat.   Not bad for 30 minutes.  It was an intense workout.  See how my shoes turned red.

red shoes


Special thanks to Coach Heman for facilitating the workout.  And for being the model demonstrator.




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