Why I’m in love with a Central Banker

Top 3 reasons why you should fall in love with a central banker:

  • He’s smart
  • Compliance is his business.  In your relationship, there are only two rules.  Rule #1  The wife is always right.  Rule #2  If the wife is wrong, refer to rule #1.
  • Stability is his mandate. 

Here’s a little throwback (circa 2009) of our memorable pre-nuptial shoot at the organization we work for.  We thought that since we met and fell in love here, it would be a good idea to document our love story at a place we spend most of our time in  — at work.

Corporate.  We brought the photo shoot to the roof deck of the five-storey building in the complex for our corporate concept.  It was our first time to “model” in front of the camera, but under the superb guidance of Joel Salindong and his team, we looked like pros.

We continued with the corporate look indoors, too.

Casual. For the casual look, we featured the historic fort near the museum.

It took us the whole afternoon to finish the shoot.  By late afternoon, it was time to wrap up.

Five years later, I’m more in love than ever with this Central Banker.

 Hair & Make-Up by Cher.

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