Christmas in London

New series up and running. Trips with the Hubby.

Travel Tales of a Yogini

My stay in the United Kingdom back in 2009-2010 is one of the most memorable experiences for so many reasons.  It was exciting to once again enter academic life, taking time off work as a full time scholar, and meeting new friends from all over the world. Yet, these were times also of great loneliness as I left my new husband (we got married in 2009) to take this wonderful opportunity.  His visit to the UK during the Christmas season was the happiest part of my stay there.  This post is all about spending Christmas in London.

It was a lovely, quiet stay in London during the holidays.  Most of the tourist attractions were closed, so we were contented just to walk around the city.

The famous Abbey Road.  We had difficulty finding this one.

We stayed at the lovely Grosvenor Hotel near Victoria Station.  And we felt like kids…

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