The Spa: Ultimate Indulgence Day

The Spa BuildingIn my article Why Rest Days are as Important as Cheat Days, I highlighted the need for rest in any exercise regime.  This allows muscles to repair, rebuild, and strengthen.  This is indeed true for me as recently, I have been experiencing back and shoulder muscle pain from my strong vinyasa practice.  Stress from work likewise contributes to tying those muscles up into stubborn knots.  I regularly visit our village spa but I thought that once in a while, I will indulge in those high-end spas.  So I decided to try out The Spa at the Fort, after my vinyasa class at Beyond Yoga (see my review of the yoga studio here). I browsed through The Spa’s website before calling in for an appointment for me and my hubby.  There were so many services to choose from!  The prices are expensive, so I had to be careful with my choices.

I finally settled for the Refreshing Start package, the “ultimate renewal from head to toe”.  This includes Aroma facial or Aroma scalp and shoulder massage, Classic massage, and Foot spa or massage.  I always have stiff shoulder muscles, so I chose the scalp and shoulder massage.  For the classic massage, I opted for a combination Swedish and Shiatsu with a special request to do a deep tissue massage on my left middle back due to this persistent pain on this area.  Finally, an Oriental foot massage applying reflexology techniques capped my ultimate experience of bliss.

The Spa at the Fort has a very spacious building.  Upon entering the spa, I was greeted with this very cool and refreshing peppermint scent that was very soothing, a relaxing prelude to my indulgent experience.  I was given my own robe, slippers and towel.  The locker was very spacious and could accommodate all my stuff, including my bulky handbag and gym bag (I came from a yoga class).  The lounge area has cozy chairs and I was offered ginger tea.  Unfortunately, there is no separate dressing room, so I had to change in the rest room.  The steam room was very hot, it was difficult to breathe.  Perhaps next time I will try their infrared sauna, where it is dry (for additional cost).  But I persevered in staying in hell for a few minutes knowing that the heat is good in loosening up and relaxing my muscles, making it ready for the massage.  That was a very good decision as I experienced ultimate bliss at the hands of a very highly skilled therapist named Joma.  I opted to cap my experience with simultaneous head/shoulder and the foot massage.



It was a very refreshing experience, indeed.  My muscle aches were relieved and I feel renewed.  I would definitely come back and try their other services.

Photo Credit:  The Spa website.  The pictures feature facilities of different branches.

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