Revisting Crow Pose

I have always struggled with arm balances as I always had weak wrists and arms. In my previous article on bakasana, I mentioned that the strength required in chaturanga dandasana should be enough to execute the crow.  However, I kept on struggling with this pose.  Next, I worked on opening my hips.  Check.  Yet I still struggled as I feel that my legs and butt heavily resting on my fragile arms.  Finally, I started focusing on my core.  That made a huge difference.  I felt that my butt and legs were lighter as I feel myself lift up and forward. 

I have yet to fully come into this pose for several breaths, but as I keep on practicing, I feel that this is doable.  So for now, I will continue doing core asanas!  I really hate working on the core but I realized that if I want to progress, I need to learn how to accept and appreciate core work and incorporate them into my daily practice. 


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