Paradise Island

Our honeymoon at Amanpulo Resort

Travel Tales of a Yogini

If you are looking for an exclusive luxury beach resort, there is nothing like the Amanpulo experience.  Amanpulo on Pamalican is part of the Quiniluban Group of Cuyo Islands, situated in the north of the Philippine province of Palawan.  You get there via a private plane.  I didn’t particularly like the plane ride since it was not smooth.  Oh yes, you really can feel those turbulence shaking the small aircraft!  Nevertheless, the service is impeccable and you are pampered from the time you arrive at the private hangar where you are welcomed in the lounge with refreshments until you head back to the same private airport.

The luxurious experience, of course, costs an arm and a leg but this was so worth it for a very special occasion, our honeymoon back in 2009.  The aerial view of the pristine white powder beaches was breathtaking.  And you  know that this would…

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