Twist Yoga: Good for Your Spine Too!

I’ve always had back issues.  In Why Yin Yoga is Good, I shared how yin yoga was able to relieve the pain on my left mid back.  Last week, however, my two-year old was unusually demanding and wanted me to carry and cradle her (mama, baby baby!) all the time.  I felt the strain on my back starting this week and I thought my usual massage plus yin for the spine/back will do the trick.  Unfortunately, the pain remained.  So for now, I had to explain to my daughter why mama cannot carry her.  Then I decided to do a twisting sequence to destress.  Twist yoga is traditionally for detoxing and cleansing our body and mind, aiding in digestion and mental clarity.  In this case, however, I found that it relieved my back and created more space in my spine.  Such sweet relief!

Here’s a short sequence by one of my favorite online instructors, Kathryn Budig, in this Yoga Journal youtube video:

Check it out!  Namaste

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