A Quick Visit to the City of Pines

We planned to celebrate my birthday in Tagaytay but work got in the way, requiring me to be in Baguio by the 28th of February.  Since it was impractical to travel to and fro Baguio and go to Tagaytay during the weekend, we decided to cancel our hotel reservations and planned our stay in the City of Pines instead.

Which was a good thing, and overall, a better deal than our original plan.  Except for the long road travel (around 6 hours), our trip was perfect.  We stayed for 3 nights and had a lot of fun.  We particularly liked the weather.  It felt like we were in another country.  Perfect 16 degrees celsius.

Camp John Hay

We stayed in Forrest Lodge (1 night) and The Manor (2 nights) both located at Camp John Hay, a popular tourism attraction.  Camp John Hay in Baguio City when referred to pertains to at least two parcels of land. One is the CJH military reservation which measures approximately 695 hectares. The other is the built-up area inside where the rest and recreation resort facility is located which includes a golf course, hotels, shopping area, ecotrails, picnic grounds, butterfly sanctuary, and a bridle path in a forest.

The Manor Hotel

We stayed at The Manor for the second and third night.  We got a good deal, getting a suite big enough for my family.  I love the warm log-cabin feel of the hotel and the beautiful gardens.  And the lovely fireplace by the lobby.  I’d rate it a 4-star experience, though, mainly because the place appears a little bit old and tired.  And the food was so-so.

We didn’t plan to go around much as I wanted a lazy itinerary for my birthday.  And a photoshoot, of course.  The horseback riding was just about the most active part of our trip.  Well, perhaps the trip down to strawberry farm was the most active, since I had to carry baby KB most of the time.
Hubby’s birthday gift:  Yoga Photoshoot!

and more photos!

Play Time!

And finally, strawberry-picking!

I hope to be back soon!  My birthday was made more memorable by this adventure with the whole family.  Namaste!

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