Mini Rockstar Yogini

When I started seriously practicing yoga, I relied mostly on self-practice, using free on-line videos.  As I progressed, I started purchasing and downloading videos, mostly from Esther Ekhart.  As I became committed, I started taking formal classes.  I still mostly do self-practice; but the past year has taught me that I cannot rely on myself to sustain my yoga practice.  First, I drew inspiration from Esther Ekhart.  Later on, I started following “rockstar” yogis, who, through their social network presence, inspire so many practitioners all over the world.  Kathryn Budig, Laura Kasperzak, Jason Crandell, Pat Bailey, Kino MacGregor, Mackenzie Miller, etc. etc. etc.  Indeed, the definition of “yoga community” has expanded and it is now easier to share and spread the yoga love globally.

Meet @heavenly_dreams10, the mini rockstar yogini, who, at 10 years old, already expresses her soul through asanas.

I first got to know Lyka, through her lovely mom, Jenny, a school mate from high school.  Social networking is such a great tool in staying connected.  After almost 20 years without keeping in touch, Jenny and I were reunited in 2013 through our common love for yoga. Read:  Top 3 Reasons to Introduce Yoga to Your Kids In just less than a year, @heavenly_dreams10 has progressed so fast, beautifully executing advanced poses.  This simply shows strong dedication, passion, and a level of maturity beyond her actual age.  The fact that she was able to do this without any formal classes is even more amazing. Here’s my email interview with the mini rockstar yogini:

@mygreenjuice:  Who introduced you to yoga? 
@heavenly_dreams10:  My mother introduced me to yoga.
(Mom must be so proud!)
Easy pose2
@mygreenjuice:  When did you start practicing yoga? 
@heavenly_dreams_10:  I started practicing yoga on the 29th of June 2013.
@mygreenjuice:  Do you attend formal classes?  If mostly home practice, how did you learn?  (mommy?  videos?  books?) 
@heavenly_dreams10:  I learned from my mom.
@mygreenjuice:  How often do you practice? 
@heavenly_dreams10:  I practice everyday.
(wow!  such dedication)
@mygreenjuice:  Why do you love yoga so much?  What part of yoga do you love best? 
@heavenly_dreams10:  I love yoga so much because it is relaxing and I love stretching.
@mygreenjuice:  What type of asanas do you practice? 
@heavenly_dreams10:  I practice inversions and arm balances.

she means like this:    

@mygreenjuice:  What is your favorite asana? 
@heavenly_dreams10:  My favourite Asana would be Firefly pose or crow.
(and what lovely crow and firefly poses she makes!)

@mygreenjuice:  What is your dream when you grow up?  
@heavenly_dreams10:  When I grow Up I want to be a Yoga instructor
@mygreenjuice:  Besides yoga, what other activities do you love to do?
@heavenly_dreams10:  I love to swim and sing.
@mygreenjuice:  Who is your favorite yogi?
@heavenly_dreams10:  My favourite yogis are @patbailey, @laurasykora and @yoga_girl.

 Follow Lyka in Instagram @heavenly_dreams10.  Her equally amazing mom can be found @juanagirl. Namaste! 


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