Why Rest Days are as Important as Cheat Days

So you have a regular routine for physical activities.  You follow it religiously.  And you feel good as you feel the fats burning each time you work out.  You want to lose weight pronto.  Who has time to rest?

Resting is very important in your exercise regime.  It allows muscles to repair, rebuild and strengthen.  In fact, if you don’t rest, you might overtrain, and in the process weaken your muscles.  Providing at least one day of rest in a week is a good idea.  This provides you a period of recovery where the body will replenish energy and repair damaged tissues.

But what about my daily yoga practice?  Taking a rest day does not necessarily mean you shouldn’t do yoga on your rest day.  You can choose a short restorative sequence to calm your mind and body.  Or you may decide to do a gentle sequence or explore yin yoga that focuses on the deep connective tissues rather than your muscles.

The number of rest days in a week really depends on you.  Listen to your body.  When you feel unnaturally sore and under the weather, it is always a good idea to slow down and indulge in a little rest.

I personally like to mix my rest day with my cheat day.  I call it the indulgence day.  Top it off with a relaxing massage at my favorite spa and you now have a day of pure bliss.



2 thoughts on “Why Rest Days are as Important as Cheat Days

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