Yoga Focus of the Month: Split or Monkey Pose

This month, I have decided to focus my practice on the monkey pose.  I am pretty flexible in the hamstrings; forward bends are my least challenging asanas.  Monkey pose, however, requires more than hamstrings flexibility:  the hips are likewise actively involved.  I remember as a child when I could easily do a split in my ballet class, even touching my forehead to my knees. But even then, I could feel the imbalance between the left and right side.  I could do a full split with my left leg forward but couldn’t quite pull it off on the other side. The monkey pose is a fairly advanced pose and I do not expect to be able to come fully into this pose in just one month.  Nevertheless, I dedicate this month’s practice to stretching my legs, hamstrings, my hips and my back.  The preparatory poses, in themselves, provide so many benefits.  We store a lot of emotions and negative energy behind our legs.  I love the space and the feeling of openness after each practice; especially during days when I am so stressed at work. There are many benefits in practicing the monkey pose:  it increases flexibility, balance and alignment.  Nevertheless, since this is a complex pose, it will do well if we take extra precautions, being careful and slow at all times.  Pushing ourselves and forcing into this pose can lead to injury.  An overstretched hamstring is painful and can prevent us from practicing regularly during recovery period. For this month’s practice, I will need the following:  Yoga Straps and Yoga Blocks

and lots of videos focusing on the hamstring and hips.  Better start looking in and youtube. Here are samples: Wish me luck!  Namaste. Related Article: The Cheater’s Guide to Doing the Splits ( How to Avoid Injury:  Listen to Your Body (

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