Top 3 Reasons to Introduce Yoga to Your Kids

There are many yoga studios that offer yoga classes for kids.  Teaching can begin even as early at the age of 2 weeks old, being part of mommy’s yoga routine.  This may also include baby massage and other more traditional exercises.  For older kids, asanas are slowly introduced.  However, since it is very difficult to hold kids’ attention for a long period of time, classes will include tricks to interest them.  Here are the top reasons why you may consider introducing yoga to your kids.

3.  Physical benefits.  Yoga at an early age encourages body awareness with physical activity that is non-competitive.  This is especially helpful in this day and age where children are exposed to a lot of stress brought about by busy parents, increasing homework and lessons, video games, peer pressures and competitive sports.  Yoga enhances flexibility, strength, and coordination.

2. Mental benefits.  Yoga can help enhance self awareness and allow kids to deal with daily pressure they encounter.  By practicing yoga, kids can connect more deeply with their inner self.  Yoga classes for kids can be fun, too!  Teachers can ask kids to pretend to be the animals, trees, flowers and warriors as they do their asanas.  This may include having them hiss during cobra pose, moo and meow in a cow cat stretch, and bark during downdog.

1.  Opportunity to bond.  Daily yoga practice can take much of our time.  Having your kids do yoga provides an excellent opportunity to spend time together while at the same time pursue your personal practice.  Indeed, the Family that Yoga Together, Stays Together.

Featured:  Jay, Jen, Lyka and Brit – such a wonderful family who make beautiful yoga together. Thank you so much for the lovely pictures!

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