Top 3 Favorite Yoga Poses

I have a lot of “favorite” yoga poses, so finding the top 3 is kinda difficult.  Further, it depends on my mood and the condition of my body at the time of my practice.  For now, the following are my top 3 favorite poses:

3. Warrior 3

As with any warrior pose, this is a powerful asana.  Just looking at a it, you can already feel the strength required to maintain this pose.  Further, high degree of focus and balance are necessary to stay in this pose. Breathing deeply helps.

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2.  Four-limbed staff pose

I wouldn’t have thought that this will reach  the top 3 of my list.   This is one of the most challenging foundation poses for me because when I started yoga, I had very weak arms and chest.  I couldn’t  do this pose without collapsing on my belly.  I could not even do the modified version properly (with knees down).  Even now, I still struggle with this full pose, particularly when I get tired from a strong vinyasa.  Perhaps precisely because this is a difficult pose for me, I find fulfillment in doing it properly.  For me, this pose represents strength and perseverance.

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1.  Downward-facing dog and Child’s Pose (Tie)

My favorite style of yoga is Vinyasa and downward dog and child’s poses are great for resting in between active sequences.  Although downward-facing dog is an active pose in itself, it provides an opportunity for catching one’s breath  after a particularly vigorous flow.  Child’s pose is my pose of choice whenever I feel I cannot continue a particular sequence or if a pose is too difficult for me.  This is my favorite pose because it represents self-acceptance and helps me from getting injured.  Never mind if the student next to me is in a head stand or an advanced arm balance while I resort to child’s pose.  What is important is that I listen to my body and understand what it needs.

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How about  you, what is your favorite yoga pose?  Please vote!

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