Top 3 Yoga Poses to Open the Shoulders

The following are  youtube videos featuring my top 3 favorite poses for opening the shoulders.

1.  Yin Yoga for the Shoulders:  1/4 Dog Pose.  This is really good to relieve shoulder pain and upper back stiffness.  Helped me a lot when I had shoulder injury.

2.  One Armed Shoulder Opening.  This is by far my favorite for relieving pain in the shoulders.  And a great shoulder opener too!

3.  Yoga for Opening the Shoulders.  This is not exactly a pose since it is a sequence.  This is my favorite sequence to open the shoulders.  It aims to increase mobility of the upper back, chest, and shoulders.  Great for improving back bends.  I used to do this everyday for around a month and I was able to increase flexibility in the shoulders, chest and upper back.




3 thoughts on “Top 3 Yoga Poses to Open the Shoulders

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