Benefits of Being Strong from Yoga

Regularly working out and practicing yoga have good side effects.  Besides keeping  those excess weight off, I have become physically stronger.  I remember surprising my husband when I lifted a 50-pound sack of cat litter from the car to the house without waiting for him to do the usual task.  In today’s post, I am sharing my husband’s article about how we were able to elevate our huge ref/fridge when our house got flooded from heavy rains.  Not to worry, the water was only ankle-deep, so it made sense to elevate the ref on to a low table.

How to Elevate Side-by-Side Ref When There is Flood

by Shogun Iggy

If you can bench press 300 pounds, then there is no problem lifting side-by-side refrigerators (250 to 300 pounds) to keep them dry when your house is flooded. If you bench press less than a hundred pounds, like me, then that can be a big challenge. So what do you do?

Marry an Amazon.

Just kidding.  My wife and I initially tried to lift our ref but we can’t lift it an inch.  We asked help from our yaya and helper but we still can’t lift it.  It’s too heavy.  Good thing I remembered some of my high school lessons and our daughter’s science assignment earlier this year.  A little knowledge on physics and simple machines did the trick.  Here are some tips on how two persons can elevate a side-by-side ref:

1. Find a sturdy table and place it against a concrete wall or post. It doesn’t have to be hardwood.  The table we used is not hardwood. We bought it from SM four years ago and it was flooded (fully submerged) two times already.

2. Place a towel or thick blanket on the table so that it will not get scratched.

3. Place the ref beside the table with about two to three inches distance.  This would be easier if the ref has wheels.

4. Tilt the ref towards the table.  To tilt, one person pulls down the top of the refrigerator while another person simultaneously pulls up one side of the base.  Once the side of the ref touches the table, it becomes easier since the weight of the ref is now partly carried by the table and the concrete wall. There should be no space between the table and the wall before you initiate the tilt because the table might slide and put you off-balance. The ref should also not rest on its wheels while you tilt, otherwise it will slide.  Although I still did not try it, I think one person can do this entire process as long as he/she is strong enough to tilt the ref with adequate control until its side touches the table.  Force necessary to tilt the ref is way less than the force necessary to lift it.

4. Slowly place the ref on top of the table until it feels secure.  No need to compute for the center of gravity, estimate mo na lang. hihihi

5. If flood waters still reached your ref after elevating it, there’s no need to panic and think about buying a new one.  During the last flood (2012 Habagat), we just let our ref get exposed to the flood (about 1 foot) because we thought it was too heavy to lift.  As expected, the refrigerator did not work after the flood subsided however what I realized after the flood is that refrigerators are easy to fix.  I just called Samsung (brand of our ref) customer service and they immediately visited our house the next day.  Side-by-side refs usually have a computer box.  In the case of our ref, unfortunately, it is located at the bottom and it was fully submerged.  Fortunately, it doesn’t get destroyed easily.  The technician just washed and cleaned it.  After blowing it dry using my wife’s hair dryer and reinstalling it, the refrigerator worked just fine without any noticeable defect until now.  It just caused us about P600 pesos for the service even if the refrigerator was already out of warranty at that point.

If you plan to buy a side-by-side refrigerator, ask first where the computer box is located.  Ideally, it should be near the top or in the middle.  While I commend Samsung Customer Service for swift and effective service, I don’t recommend buying Samsung side-by-side refrigerators if the computer box is in the bottom.

There are a lot of risks in lifting heavy objects no matter how you do it and where you do it, whether it’s in the gym or in your house.  You can slip, have muscle cramps or worse, your back can snap.  Hence, you should take extra precaution if you try to do this at home.  If your house is already flooded, it might no longer be advisable to do this since the risk of slipping increases.  The first time we did this (yesterday), there was already about two inches of flood on the floor and we were just wearing rubber slippers. Looking back, we shouldn’t have attempted it although it worked just fine without any untoward incident.  We also did it again today.  This time, the floor was still dry (2nd picture) and it was easier to do it.

One might ask, why risk injury in elevating the ref if it will just cost you P600 to have it fixed?  Well, aside from the hassle of calling customer service and waiting for the technician, not all people have boatloads of money.  And when you start working for your money, P600 is a lot.

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