Keeping a Weight Loss Journal

In your weight loss journey, it is essential that you set your weight-loss goals, research, consult your doctor, develop an effective exercise program and complement this with a dietary plan.  The hardest part, really, is implementing all these things, tracking your progress, and motivating yourself to sustain these activities to achieve your goals.

As part of my weight loss journey, I made weekly plans on the exercises I will be doing, making sure that I combine enough cardio, strength training and stretching activities.  Since I have already started yoga, I planned to continue doing short sequences during days I was doing cardio or strength training.  As I continue to research, I learned that for cardio, interval training is best for losing weight.  But as I read on, I became more interested in circuit training since it provides the cardio benefits of interval training plus building necessary muscles to speed up my metabolism.  As I progressed, I also wanted to weave in a training program for running, pursuing my dream of finishing a half marathon (unfortunately I did not have enough commitment to fulfill this dream – more of that in another article).

All throughout, I found it really useful to keep a journal.  This helped me in setting daily/weekly exercise and diet goals.  But more important, it helped me keep track of my progress.

In addition to putting my diet and exercises for the week, I also do review notes and other comments that will help me in next week’s sessions.  As a journal, I also jotted down how I felt about each day’s session.

Finally, it is important to summarize all your workouts for the week to make sure you maintain the cardio, strength, stretch balance.

Oh, and don’t forget to get at least one day of “cheat” day per week, where you rest your body and eat whatever you want!

More:  Why We Need Cheat Days

Happy writing!

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8 thoughts on “Keeping a Weight Loss Journal

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. Starbucks journal is free once you complete stickers you get from buying coffee. They usually start the promo during the Christmas season. In 2012, I also had a starbucks journal but was not able to use it since I use electronic calendar to keep my appointments. At least this year, I found something to do with it. 🙂

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