The Not So Easy Pose

The easy pose or Sukhasana is not so easy for me.  Yet this is one of the most basic poses in yoga and as  a beginner I struggled with this.  Sitting cross-legged with a straight back was so difficult that after just a few seconds, my lower back would ache and I would come out of the pose to ease the pain.  The online instructor would suggest sitting on a blanket to help keep your back straight.  This helped.  Further, I used to wonder why my knees would hike so high up and couldn’t stay down like so many others who could easily touch their knees to the floor in this position.  As you can see in the featured pictures, our bodies are different and we will come into this pose differently.  This is one basic truth which yoga has taught me; something we can apply in real life.Easy pose my version

As I started to regularly practice yoga, I came to understand my body better and realize that my hips are very tight.  This may have resulted from accumulated tension from years of poor sitting habits or tight muscles from active physical activities such as running and sports.  I learned to eventually sit cross-legged comfortably and now feel more grounded whenever I do this pose.  Of course, along the way, I also learned to accept that my knees are likely to stay up for a very long, long time.  In the meantime, I am focusing in the journey of opening my hips slowly and safely.

Read more in Yoga Journal  on how to master the not so easy pose:

Happy sitting!

Easy pose2

Featured:  My childhood school mate who has grown into a lovely mom and yogini.  Also with her is her beautiful daughter.  Namaste!

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