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Trips with the Hubby

Originally posted on Travel Tales of a Yogini:

This gallery features my trips with the hubby.  Chronicling romantic getaways and loving memories.  Click on the pictures to read the stories.    Travel Tales of a Yogini.

Honeymoon to Remember

Honeymoon to Remember. 200  

Anniversary in Beijing

Anniversary in Beijing. 2012

love lock bridge

Bonjour Paris! 2013

Birthday to Remember. 2012

Birthday to Remember. 2012


Boracay. 2008.

Cheltenham, UK

Cheltenham, UK. 2012

Trips with the Hubby_13

Christmas in London. 2009.

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Christmas in London

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New series up and running. Trips with the Hubby.

Originally posted on Travel Tales of a Yogini:

My stay in the United Kingdom back in 2009-2010 is one of the most memorable experiences for so many reasons.  It was exciting to once again enter academic life, taking time off work as a full time scholar, and meeting new friends from all over the world. Yet, these were times also of great loneliness as I left my new husband (we got married in 2009) to take this wonderful opportunity.  His visit to the UK during the Christmas season was the happiest part of my stay there.  This post is all about spending Christmas in London.

It was a lovely, quiet stay in London during the holidays.  Most of the tourist attractions were closed, so we were contented just to walk around the city.

The famous Abbey Road.  We had difficulty finding this one.

We stayed at the lovely Grosvenor Hotel near Victoria Station.  And we felt like kids…

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lemon fruit

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Three Ways to Use Lemon

  1. Lemonade.  Who doesn’t love the zesty, tangy taste of lemonade sweetened by honey or sugar?  Here’s a quick recipe:  6 lemons, 6 cups of cold water, 1 cup of sugar.  When juicing the lemons, firmly roll lemons between your hand and table/countertop before cutting in half.  Combine lemon juice, sugar, and water.  Stir, adjust to taste and serve over ice.  Ahhh….Refreshing!
  2. Green Juice with Lemon.  I love squeezing a lemon into my green juice to balance the bitter taste.  While I’m at it, I’ll throw in a couple of sliced lemons which I can later use for my…
  3. Lemon Water.  I love the refreshing taste of water with lemon!  It really perks me up and energizes my day.


There are so many benefits of drinking lemon juice.  Lemons are vitamin C-rich citrus fruits that boost our immune system.  Also good for flushing out toxins and help maintain the glow of youthful skin.  Gotta love ‘em lemons!


The Alps

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Flashback Friday

Originally posted on Travel Tales of a Yogini:

This is another post for my throwback series of my adventures around the globe.

Year 2006.  This is one of the most unforgettable years in my life.  The year I lost my beloved dad.  I distinctly remember that we were encouraged to talk to him through his coma since they said that he could still hear us.  And so I told him about my upcoming foreign travel to Beatenberg, Interlaken, Switzerland and that I hope that I could tell him about my experiences when I get back.  About how excited I was about the trip and that I hope that he was so proud of his daughter for a successful career which offers so many opportunities such as traveling to places we could only dream of.  Unfortunately, my dad passed away before my travel.  Traveling to Switzerland has been the loneliest journey I have experienced and the vast mountains and snow only echoed the…

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